Use of swelling ink



Product introduction

The two products are often confused. The relief varnish is a UV varnish with high viscosity which allows to print patterns of a certain thickness related to the thickness of the stencil. The mesh is not sufficient to give thickness, it is also necessary to mount thick capillaries or use multilayer photopolymer emulsions. The higher the viscosity of the varnish, the less tendency it will be to debug easily. This varnish can give effects of drop and inscription “Braille”. It declines in UV inks. Use in silkscreen printing.

The swelling ink expands under the action of heat in order to give a more or less regular relief, satin matt and whitish. It is mainly used in textiles, plastisols or inks with water, but can also be used in graphic (inks with water). Use in silkscreen printing.