Use of iron ink


Product introduction

This ink makes it possible to obtain an impression capable of attracting and maintaining on its surface magnets or magnetic supports. The attraction force will depend on the thickness of the printed ink film, the size and regularity of the contact surface, and the weight of the magnet used.
Iron Ink can be declined in different ranges of inks depending on the media to be printed and
Dryers used. In conventional solvent evaporation printing, the finish obtained is matte whereas in UV-crosslinked printing, it is satin-gloss. This range can also be declined in slate version in order to be able to write with chalk on its surface.

This ink is not suitable for outdoor use. This ink is suitable for any type of printing machine, including manual printing. Warning, this product is afraid of oxidation (rust).
A dark-colored ink that allows a magnetic medium to stick to its surface thanks to the attraction associated with its magnetic field. Caution, the ink is not magnetic. Available in all ink ranges. Only in silkscreen.