Fragrant Inks


Range of water-based ink, UV, UV and water phthalate free plastisol for printing on paper, cardboard, plastics and textiles.
Recommendations for use are those indicated in the data sheets of the ranges corresponding to the application.

The processes are screen printing, flexo, gravure, offset.

The type of capsules can differ depending on the required strength, the size (1 micron to 40 microns depending on
application, the usual size being +/- 6 to 15 .mu.m, more capsule, the more fragile it is, the smaller it is, the more
it is porous) or acceptance standards (cosmetic toy Ökotex …).

We distinguish gelatins, melamine and silicones.
Gelatins are slightly porous so it is not imperative to rub the fragrance to smell (lifetime
Shorter +/- 6 months to 1 year).
Melamine are waterproof, it is imperative to rub feeling (longer life:
> 1 year depending on the manipulation).
Silicones capsules used primarily for cosmetic applications
may have adapted their porosity.

If capsules are very porous, life +/- 15 days.
For stability reasons, it is recommended mixtures at the last moment and mix only the amount
necessary for a production day.
These inks can be more or less transparent (varnishes, primaries) or opaque.
The color can be adapted to the selected flavor.
The intensity of the fragrance depend on the strength of the fragrance itself, the evaporation rate of the oil and the thickness
filed. We recommend to place between 30 and 40 g / m² minimum.