Use of slate ink

Product introduction

This range produces a print capable of accepting chalk marking and being wiped with a cloth or sponge. The quality of the raw materials used makes it possible not to have ghost images after several markings (except in the case of very hard chalks). This range is available in UV and UV inks with water free of VOC *, phthalate-free plastisol, water-based ink without VOC * and solvent ink on all substrates (ink or varnish to choose according to). All colors can be made including fluorescent, metallized, iridescent …
A range of slate varnish has been developed in order to be able to overprint prints already made in full color or full color. A special series offers both the properties of the slate and the table for magnets. Slate inks or varnishes can be supplied in different grains depending on demand (fine, medium or coarse for water and solvent inks, medium and coarse for UV inks and plastisols).
These inks and varnishes can be applied in screen printing and pad printing mainly but also in dry offset UV, flexography and painting.

Color ink (no limitation) or varnish allowing to write with chalk on it after drying. Can be manufactured with several grains and surface finishes. Available in all ink ranges. Silk-screen printing, flexo, varnishing group.



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