Use of pearl ink 




Product introduction

Pearlescent ink fountains give an enhanced iridescent effect when used as a reserve. In addition, pearlescent coatings give a glitter effect. Depending on the angle of view, the color of the interferential varnishes is visible or not. This iridescent effect will be more pronounced for flexo varnishes than for greasy varnishes. Effects providing graphical added value to advertising material, packaging, labels. The interference effect is also a means of securing against the photocopy of fiduciary documents, restaurant checks, because it can not reproduce the effect of color change.

Range of ink obtained by mixing powders or pastes derived from mica. One can distinguish white, colored mother-of-pearl and iridescent mother-of-pearl. To select the screen, take the average particle size. Pearlescent varnishes will be printed with low percentages and nacreous or metallised inks with less opacity than aluminum and bronze. These nacres are used to print inks for HF welding. Available in all ink ranges. Silkscreen, flexo, gravure and varnishing group.