Use of polyester flakes

Product introduction

The polyester flakes are generally square or hexagonal from 50 Hm to 400 Hm for printers.
The shine is more important for the squares and the hexagonal flakes pass more easily into the mesh. The thickness of the straw has an impact on the luster because there is no metal coating on the edge.

Metallized, colored, fluorescent, iridescent, holographic and pearlized flakes can be distinguished. It is recommended to print metallics and colors on a dark background or similar tone. Similarly, to improve the distribution, we suggest mixing the flakes to print with flakes of smaller sizes in a ratio of 4 parts large to 1 part small. The iridescent glitter is transparent and less sensitive to shortages during printing. Some grades are resistant to temperature and solvents. It is recommended to have screens stretched with a certain inclination and according to the desired rendering, use scrapers of weak hardness and rounded. Available in all ink ranges. Silkscreen and flexo for the finest.