SENTEURS (Scratch and Smell)

Use of mint odor ink




Product introduction

It is possible to use either essential oils directly in admixture (choice of ink or varnish depending on the nature of the oil) or enclosed flavors.

There are 3 types of capsules: gelatin (a), melamine (b), silicone (c) The size of the capsules is about 6 Hm and can rise to +/- 35 Hm.

Gelatins are microporous, therefore a shorter shelf life (depends on the rate of evaporation of the essential oil) and formaldehyde free.

The melamines are waterproof, thus a longer life (1 to 2 years). The formaldehyde content is about 100 ppm.

The silicones may have their porosity adapted without formaldehyde.

The products are available in water-based inks or varnishes, water-based inks, plastisols and also in UV and solvent depending on the strength of the capsule in the case of dry capsules (dried in atomisation tower). Can also be printed in flexo, gravure and varnishing units.